Altmeyer is proud to own and operate our own onsite crematory. This means your loved one is well cared for at all times. Other funeral homes outsource cremation to a third party provider. By choosing Altmeyer, you can rest assured your loved one will be safe and treated with dignity and respect throughout the entire cremation process.

We offer many service options with cremation. Choose to include a visitation, memorial service, cremation casket, urn, and urn vault, as well as personalized memorial products. Call today to learn more about cremation and the choices available.

Cremation Arrangements

There are a lot of decisions to make when planning cremation. Do you prefer burial or scattering? Do you want a memorial service, viewing or gathering? Would you like a personalized urn, vault, keepsake urn, artwork, or jewelry encapsulating the cremated remains? Let the professionals at Altmeyer help you better understand your options.

We are proud to offer compassionate and affordable cremation services to West Virginia families. We own and operate our own crematory, so your loved one is well cared for. Call today to learn what makes Altmeyer cremation services better than the rest.

Cremation Services

Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory offers quality cremation services at affordable prices. We own and operate our own crematory in the Ohio Valley, so your loved one is well cared for at all times.

Just like traditional burial, cremation requires planning. Let Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory arrange your final wishes. As a full-service provider, we offer urn selections and provide burial, scattering, permanent possession, or mausoleums.

Arrange a visitation, burial, and memorial service with cremation. For traditional burial, pallbearers can carry the cremated remains to the graveside in a cremation ark. We can create a video tribute with favorite songs and photographs or design a memory table with meaningful images.

At Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory, we have the facilities and expertise to provide whatever’s meaningful to you.

Cremation Selections

When choosing cremation at Altmeyer, there are unlimited ways to honor your loved one.

Select a cremation casket and burial urn for traditional burial. Our selection rooms showcase top-quality urns at reasonable costs.

For permanent possession, we offer decorative urns and artwork encapsulating the cremation remains to display in your home.

Our staff can create personalized fingerprint jewelry called Thumbies and designer keepsake pendants encasing a portion of the cremated remains, so your loved one never leaves your side.

If you prefer to scatter, you will need a temporary container to protect the cremated remains until the final wishes ceremony. Our staff can inform you of the local laws and regulations regarding scattering.

Let us help you determine what is right for you.

Final Resting Place

Let Altmeyer assist you in arranging a final resting place for you or your loved one.

If you prefer aboveground entombment, Altmeyer offers a variety of dignified Columbarium niches and mausoleums. We also have a wide selection of decorative urns and keepsake jewelry for permanent possession.

If you prefer to scatter the cremated remains, we offer both traditional and creative options. If there is a meaningful location where you would like to perform a scattering ceremony, we can inform you of the West Virginia health and legal restrictions.